High efficiency catalyst for propylene polymerization

Message  The Chairman

It is a prime djv after 10 years of wind  rain of the enterprise. The enterprise was founded, it is merely a mediocrity of the young people in order to heart carries the dream as a seed planted himself. Is this seed, rooted in the constantly enterprising, constantly in pursuit of germination. In the growing endeavour. Now we gathered around him more to write the story of your life with their own knowledge  ideal youth life. Today we gather behind more desire our businesses more healthy development of the elderly, family Yanyinqipan eyes. Now we have the ability to use a broader perspective planning.  we have conditions to larger platform prospect. Today, our enterprises have a certain scale but also adds more responsibility. Please believe, as long as we have The life of the youth, progressive ideals, as long as we have the simple nature, kind of mind, we will be able to have a more beautiful  brilliant future. Djv, to grow together with you!