High efficiency catalyst for propylene polymerization

Company Culture

Enterprise management culture: integrity is the basis of win-win cooperation "integrity" is the fundamental enterprise, but also the fundamental person. It is  only the requirement of law, but also the requirement of morality. Mutual integrity is the foundation of cooperation  the need for its success. "Cooperation" is a requirement for all business activities of an enterprise to be carried out. Cooperation has both external  internal aspects. Cooperation is a means, but a means. "Win-win" is to ensure that all parties to the cooperation benefit  each other. It is the fundamental purpose of cooperation  the common pursuit of all parties. In accordance with the principle of good faith, relying on quality  satisfactory services, to create a satisfactory interest pattern for all parties involved in the cooperation  establish a strong cooperative relationship, is the goal pursued by the management activities of the China Chemical Engineering Group Corporation.



Enterprise management culture: scientific rigorous  continuous improvement of people-oriented innovation mechanism "people-oriented" is one of the essential characteristics of enterprise culture. Respecting employees, treating them well, showing humanistic care,  then maximizing the enthusiasm, initiative  creativity of employees are the important principles of enterprise management  the purpose of enterprise management. "Innovation mechanism" is the foundation of effective management. The mechanism should play an effective role. Innovation can be sustained  effective. Innovation mechanism provides the fundamental guarantee for enterprises to optimize the allocation of resources  enhance their competitiveness. "Science" emphasizes the scientific nature of enterprise management  respects the inherent scientific laws of management science. It is the essential requirement of enterprise management to use scientific methods  methods to manage. "Strict" emphasizes the strict  rigorous implementation of the system  system. "Continuous improvement" is an important element of enterprise management. The improvement of the system, the development of theory,  the progress of methods  methods require that the management of enterprises must be continuously improved to ensure the scientific  advanced management.