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The companys cadre work appraisal meeting golden autumn gathering in September.

2017-10-01 00:00:00

The ancients did see this month, they used to take photos of the ancients this month. On the occasion of the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival, Dingji had a September cadre work review meeting a golden autumn gathering. The full-feeling double-day dinner event ended successfully on September 30 at the Yingkou Hongyun Hotel. A total of 18 members of the company's leadership team management cadres of various departments attended the meeting.


meeting venue

At the meeting, the management cadres of each department reported on the fulfillment of job responsibilities, plan completion current problems in order, explained the next step of the work ideas goals. The members of the leadership team reviewed evaluated the report of each staff member in accordance with the principles of fairness justice. The atmosphere of the meeting was vivid lively, many real insights rationalization suggestions were put forward, which provided useful guidance inspiration for the development of the enterprise. At the end of the meeting, Chairman Zhang Zaiming General Manager Xin Weirong made a comprehensive summary of the meeting, fully affirmed the achievements progress of various departments, at the same time put forward pertinent opinions suggestions on the main problems in the report to make everyone more clear about the future work Focus direction. Mr. Xin pointed out that the work of various departments should be based on facts make full use of information tools to improve work efficiency. President Zhang emphasized that all department heads deputy directors should strengthen their sense of responsibility, strengthen production management, improve production efficiency, work together, strive to create a new situation for the company's development.


Leaders taking a group photo

After the meeting, all leading cadres held a banquet in the banquet hall to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day. Everyone gathered together for joy, exchange, blessing development, the atmosphere was very cheerful warm.

Nung, moon new moon. Best wishes for Happy National Day Mid-Autumn Festival happy family.