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Inherit the ping pong culture carry forward the spirit of the national ball-Yingkou "Ding Ji De" Cup Staff Table Tennis Contest ended successfully

2017-10-10 00:00:00

In order to enrich the spare time of the employees of the company, inherit the ping-pong culture, promote the spirit of the national ball, on the morning of September 20th, Liaoning Dingjide Petrochemical Co., Ltd. held the "Dingjide" together with the Laobian District Labor Union the Culture Sports Bureau Cup staff table tennis competition. More than 200 contestants 45 district-level institutions, enterprises institutions in the district signed up for the competition.

The two-day competition will include two events: men's singles women's singles. With full enthusiasm a high degree of enthusiasm, the players devoted themselves wholeheartedly to this competition, gave full play to the aggressive spirit of daring to fight. Serve swings, forehands backhands, sports players on the field are devoted to each other, the audience on the sidelines continue to cheer for them, the whole game is carried out in an atmosphere of passion joy.

Dingji has to promote the sports spirit of employees "focus on participation, never give up, never be discouraged, never bow" to achieve corporate goals. Sportsmanship is a kind of culture, a form that shows the most positive consciousness such as human strength, wisdom, enterprising psychology. The charm of sportsmanship is manifested in strong inspiration, contagion, conquest.

Dingjide only held the Dingjide Cup Table Tennis Competition this year, but also successfully held the "Dingjidue" Cup Chess Championship in the old side of Yingkou last year achieved excellent results. The company pays attention to the national sports, strongly supports local sports, strengthens physical fitness, strengthens the country strengthens the seeds, strengthens the physical fitness in the form of sports to achieve the goal of strengthening the country strong seeds.

"Diligence self-improvement, pioneering innovation" is our corporate spirit, "Creating value with quality, laying the foundation with integrity, diligent achievements, seeking development with innovation" is our business philosophy. "People-oriented" is our corporate goal, "dedication dedication" is our work style.