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The fire fighting knowledge is always unremitting, the alarm of the safety drill is Changming-Liaoning Dingji Petrochemical Co., Ltd. successfully held the fire drill

2017-10-12 00:00:00

In order to effectively strengthen the company's fire safety work improve the safety fire prevention quality safety prevention capabilities of all employees, on October 11th, on the north side of the company's 626 workshop, how to reduce the temperature of the high temperature methyl acrylate tank fire Safety emergency drill activity. The company's workshop staff, the Department of Environmental Protection Yingkou Laobian Fire Brigade participated in the exercise.

Before the drill, Yang Hongqiang, the director of the workshop, the Department of Environmental Protection, together with the actual situation of the company, carefully meticulously formulated the plan for the exercise. Clarified the responsibilities requirements, provided a practical guarantee for the successful conduct of the exercise.

Through this training drill, the company's employees' fire safety awareness was enhanced, the ability of fire self-prevention self-rescue was improved, which laid the foundation for the fire safety work the company's safe production.