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Strengthen the concept of safety development improve the safety qualities of all employees-Dingjide "Fire Day" mobile fire extinguisher combat drill

2017-11-09 00:00:00

In order to carry out the 119 Fire Day publicity activities in depth, deepen the company's fire safety education, improve employees' fire safety awareness, further popularize fire safety knowledge, consolidate the "four abilities" of all firefighters. On the morning of November 9, our company organized nearly 30 cadres employees to carry out 119 fire-fighting day actual combat exercises in the factory area.


Before the drill, Xu Haiou, the company's deputy general manager of production, Zhang Yingjian, the director of the equipment, gave a detailed explanation of the drill plan, Han Shulin, the director of the company's safety environmental department, gave a detailed demonstration of the use of various fire extinguishing equipment. Participants used different fire extinguishing equipment for actual combat use drills, which provided sufficient guarantee for the successful launch of the drill activities.


Through this fire drill, the fire safety consciousness of the majority of employees was further strengthened. They were able to use mobile fire extinguishing equipment in an emergency, master the scientific essentials of fire extinguishing correctly, enhance the judgment control ability of the participants in the initial stage of fire The proficiency of the company's fire drill system was tested to protect the company's safe production.