High efficiency catalyst for propylene polymerization

Looking back on 2017, looking forward to 2018

2018-01-01 00:00:00

Looking back on 2017, looking forward to the 2017 Golden Rooster cover cry, Tengu to Tianxiao. On this occasion of welcoming the old the new, Dingji all employees sent the most sincere blessings to all friends inside outside the industry.


Looking back on 2017, we took the east wind of the industry, ride the wind waves, traveled thousands of miles. Dingji the upstream downstream industry chain partners worked together to win a win-win situation, we achieved gratifying industry achievements together.

Looking forward to 2018, Dingji will never forget its original intention, keep in mind the foundation of establishing an enterprise the industry mission, continue to strengthen cooperation with partners inside outside the industry, provide products with better performance wider application, inject full blood into the industry development.