High efficiency catalyst for propylene polymerization

Womens Day in March, Beautiful Goddess Festival

2018-03-12 00:00:00

March is a day full of spring; March is a woman's day. At first glance, it was still cold, the sun was shining day by day, the busy female workers ushered in the annual International "March 8" Women's Day. In order to express respect to all female employees, the company leaders conveyed warm blessings deep love to female compatriots with practical actions. On this snowy morning, the female employees enjoyed the gifts carefully distributed by the company.


Gentleness is a low-key beauty, cuteness is a natural beauty, Xianshu is a peaceful beauty, lively is an unrestrained beauty, dignified is an inclusive beauty, wisdom is an implicit beauty, mentality is an intrinsic beauty, Women ’s Day People have beautiful hearts beautiful lives!