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Caring for employees, warming the new year-company leaders pay new year greetings to employees who hold their posts

2018-03-19 00:00:00

On the occasion of the reunion of 10,000 families during the Spring Festival, the employees who stick to the frontline work always affect the heart of the company leaders. On the evening of February 15, the company's chairman general manager took the company's leadership to the production workshops to extend their condolences to the employees who worked hard at the front line during the holiday, to give everyone a New Year's Eve, to have a New Year's Eve dinner with everyone, watch the firework evening Pray for the coming year.


In the workshop, the company's general manager Xin Weirong extended condolences to the employees who adhered to the frontline in the workshop. On behalf of the company, he expressed gratitude to the employees who held their posts during the festival. He said that on the day of reunion with your family, you stick to your post you are respectable. It is an example for all of us to learn. You have worked hard wish you a happy Chinese New Year. But the more festive the festival, the more we need to strengthen our sense of responsibility do our job well. He told the employees in the workshop that production cannot be relaxed during the holiday season, it is necessary to put up 120% of the spirit keep good quality safety.


The sound of the cannon was rumbling, the sky was colorful colorful, the dazzling fireworks flashed in the sky, the New Year's Eve fireworks party began. The climax of the whole firework is endless, changing, magnificent magnificent. The magnificent bright fireworks complement each other. The fascinating beauty of "Fire Trees Silver Flowers Never End the Sky" presents a visually gluttonous feast for Dingji employees.



The canteen of the company is lively full of festive atmosphere, a rich New Year's Eve dinner for employees who cannot return home because of holding their posts is held here. The company's chairman general manager, together with the company's leadership, the employees who held the post, gathered together for the New Year's Eve dinner. Everyone blessed each other there was constant laughter.