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Interpret responsibility with dedication dedication-the company chairman won the May Day Labor Medal

2018-04-02 00:00:00


On the morning of April 26, the Yingkou City Federation of Trade Unions held a "May Day" commendation meeting. City leaders Sorghum, Li Qing Ma Chunshan attended the meeting. The conference commended the winners of the May Day Labor Medal Unit, May Day Labor Medal Worker Pioneer of Yingkou City in 2018, Mr. Zhang Zaiming, Chairman of Liaoning Dingjide Petrochemical Co., Ltd., was awarded the honorary title of May Day Labor Medal. The meeting also demanded that the trade union organizations at all levels in the city should stimulate the vitality of the vast number of employees gather strength, strive to further consolidate form an atmosphere of glorious labor, lofty knowledge, precious talents in the city to create a great new trend of the times. The winners used their hard work wisdom to compose the brilliance of the laborers show the beauty of labor. The power of role models is enormous, their deeds will also inspire more people to admire labor, love labor, create a happy life with labor, paint a splendid life with labor.