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Liaoning Dingjide Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was listed as a pilot enterprise for the construction of a double prevention mechanism for the citys chemical industry

2018-12-27 00:00:00

Liaoning Dingjide Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was listed as a pilot enterprise for the construction of a double prevention mechanism for the city's chemical industry. On December 27, 2018, a site meeting on "Dual Prevention Mechanism Construction" was held in our company.

Participants at the meeting were: Li Haibo, Deputy Director of Yingkou City Emergency Command, Han Chengfu, Deputy Director of Laobian Safety Supervision Bureau, representatives various safety supervision bureaus of cities, counties, development zones, Laobian TV station, representatives of major large chemical companies.


The district safety supervision department formed a supervision group to inspect guide the company many times, gave support in terms of steps, methods, identification evaluation, led the pace of accelerating the construction of the dual control mechanism, which has achieved initial results. Enterprises regard safety as the biggest politics the biggest people's livelihood, clearly put forward the safety concept of "hidden hazards are accidents, prevention is better than disaster relief, health value is supreme", focusing on building cultural guidance, risk pre-control, technical support, equipment support, assessment The five major systems of accountability promote the transformation of safety management accident prevention to risk control, survival to health, "man-to-man" management to scientific, systematic, lean management.


Wu Chunye, vice president of production at Dingjide, explained the mode method of the dual control system infrastructure.


Bi Changliang of Dianji Dean Environmental Department led the participants to the synthesis workshop to watch the application.


Bi Changliang of Dianji Dean Environmental Department AVIC technicians demonstrated the mobile phone APP self-inspection system.


According to the requirements of the Department of Safety Environment, the head of the joint workshop of Dingjide completed the rectification of the hidden dangers of electrostatic bridging on site.


During the visit to the second floor of Dingji United Workshop, Li Haibo emphasized the importance of integrating the system with reality.


The meeting further refined the network management system for safety risks the safety production responsibility system for all employees, perfected the closed-loop management of hidden danger investigation governance, put safety risk management control at the front to prevent various production safety accidents.