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Antioxidant ZX-1135

Antioxidant ZX-1135

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product description:

Product name: β- (3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-Hydroxylphenyl propionate isooctanol ester

Molecular formula: C25H42O3

Molecular weight: 376.57-404.62

CAS No .: 125643-61-0

Quality Standard:



Antioxidant ZX-1135 is an antioxidant with excellent properties suitable for various polymers. Due to its low volatility  excellent compatibility, it is particularly effective in the process of forced air cooling of polyurethane. This feature can also prevent fogging on the surface of products used in automobiles  coloring of textiles. In a single liquid, emulsion, suspension, solution  melt polymer manufacturing process, the low volatility  liquid state of the antioxidant ZX-1135 makes it particularly suitable. This product can be added before, during  after polymerization.

The usual recommended dosage of antioxidant ZX-1135 is between 0.15%  0.5%. Antioxidant ZX-1135 can be added  used by pumping  injecting, etc. At the same time, it is easy to emulsify. It can be dissolved, dispersed  maintained in pure liquid state during processing. Antioxidant ZX-1135  other phenolic antioxidants, substituted aromatic amines, synergistic stabilizers (phosphites, phosphates, thioethers, alcohol amines, lactones, etc.), light stabilizers (UV Absorbers, hindered amines, etc.) are used together  have a good synergistic effect.

Product packaging:

Packed in iron drums with a net weight of 200Kg / drum.  according to customer requirements.

Antioxidant ZX-1135 is an antioxidant with excellent...

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