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Calcium stearate

Calcium stearate

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product description:

Product name: calcium stearate

English name: Calcium stearate

Molecular formula: C36H70Cao4

Molecular weight: 607.02

CAS No .: 1592-23-0

Quality Standard:



Used as water repellent, lubricant plastic additives. In hard plastic products can increase the speed of coagulation. It can also be used in non-toxic soft films such as food packaging medical appliances. It also has a stabilizer effect has good long-term stability. It is a stabilizer lubricant in polyethylene polyvinyl chloride. It can be used as a halogen absorber in polyethylene polypropylene to eliminate the adverse effects of the catalyst remaining in the resin on the color stability of the resin. It is widely used in foreign countries to improve the heat resistance of plastics, improve the initial colorability breathability of weather resistance, will replace toxic stabilizers with the same performance.

Product packaging:

Packed in double-layer plastic woven bag lined with plastic film, net weight 20Kg 10Kg per bag according to customer requirements.