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City district leaders carry out comprehensive inspections on production safety

2019-01-31 00:00:00

In order to earnestly implement the spirit of the 100-day special action TV telephone conference on safety production in key industries in the province, to ensure that the safety production situation in the region is stable during the "Two Sessions" "Spring Festival", on the eve of the Spring Festival, the leadership team of the district government arrived in the morning on January 28 The company conducts comprehensive supervision of production safety.


On the morning of January 31, Deputy Mayor Wang Jiejiao Deputy Secretary-General Wang Qixin, accompanied by the staff of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau the Municipal Public Security Bureau, came to our company for pre-holiday safety inspection. Pay close attention to production work ensure that all systems measures for production safety are put in place to investigate hidden safety hazards in an all-round way to ensure that everyone has a stable, peaceful happy Spring Festival.