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Antioxidant ZX-1520

Antioxidant ZX-1520

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product description:

Product name: 2-methyl-4,6-bis (n-octylsulfanylmethyl) phenol

Molecular formula: C25H44OS2

Molecular weight: 424.75

CAS No .: 110553-27-0

Quality Standard:



Antioxidant ZX-1520 is a multifunctional liquid hindered phenolic antioxidant, which has obvious effects on the stabilization of elastomers, plastics, adhesives, oils  lubricants  the prevention of thermal decomposition of materials. As a new environment-friendly antioxidant, ZX-1520 can be used in the emulsion  solution polymerization of BR, SBR, NBR, SBS  other elastomers.

Antioxidant ZX-1520 is effectively used in elastomer raw materials  composite stabilizers. This product is effectively used in various adhesives, sealants  emulsions. This product has the characteristics of no color change, no coloring, low volatility, light stability  thermal stability. This product has a slight odor. It is  recommended for hot-melt adhesives  other products that require odor.

Antioxidant ZX-1520 can be used alone,  only to provide thermal oxygen protection during heating, but also for long-term protection during product use. If necessary, it can also be used in synergy with other secondary antioxidants, light stabilizers  other polymer additives. This product can be used in polymer products in contact with food.

Product packaging:

Packed in iron drums with a net weight of 200KG / drum.  according to customer requirements.

Antioxidant ZX-1520 is a multifunctional liquid...

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